Angel OIubakin

Student Spotlight: Angel Olubakin

This summer I am interning at the Beginning with Children, and enjoy dancing, cooking and watching movies/ tv shows. I’m currently a rising sophomore at Wellesley college. This summer I am working at the Legacy Network office as an office intern and I am in charge of the database and organizing spreadsheets. I am a prospective major in architecture and hopefully become an architectural designer working at a high position at a well known architecture firm.

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Amari Bourne

Student Spotlight: Amari Bourne

My hobbies include roller skating, crocheting, ceramic design, and listening to music. I just graduated from St. Francis preparatory school, but I’ll be a freshman at Syracuse University this upcoming fall. I am working for Piper Summer Theatre Program as an assistant director. I am majoring in Information technology and my career goal is to become a cybersecurity analyst.

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Alana Mariano

Student Spotlight: Alana Mariano

I am currently attending SUNY Oswego, where I am double majoring in Adolescent Education and Mathematics. This summer I am interning at the Brooklyn chapter of the NAACP. I’d say my hobbies are varied and rapidly changing. I like to try new things that I am interested in, so I am pretty involved in my school. I have consistently played basketball since highschool, and more recently have begun taking horse riding lessons. I enjoy participating in clubs, and am currently an active member of 5 clubs and executive board member of 3 clubs at my school.

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Hanna Cardona

Student Spotlight: Hanna Cardona

This spring, I will be a sophomore at the University of Southern California where I will major in Business Administration and minor in Product Design. This summer I am interning at the Beginning with Children office. As an intern, I am responsible for creating weekly newsletters, managing social media accounts, and planning the End of Summer Celebration! While at school, I enjoy case competitions, doing pro-bono consulting for local businesses, and going to the gym. In my free time, I love drawing, running, and boxing.

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Adun Akinduyi

Student Spotlight: Adun Akinduyi

Adun Akinduyi, a rising junior, attends Medgar Evers Prep. During her free time she enjoys going out into the environment and photography. For a hobby, she plays basketball and has an interest in the field of dentistry. She is currently a PAI Intern for BWC Legacy Network at Plato.

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