Leadership Training

Our Leadership Programs are all about helping you become a great problem solver who makes a real impact in the world. You can use what you learn in school to make a difference in your community through community service projects. You’ll get to know different neighborhoods in New York City, learn about your own identity and background, and learn to appreciate and honor the diversity of the city. We also have workshops that will teach you leadership skills, so you can organize events and make your community even better. It’s all about becoming a leader and making a positive change in the world around you!

Leadership in Action

Leadership in Action gives students the power to take on big challenges, explore their own interests, and become leaders in their communities. You’ll get to work on research and arts projects that focus on important topics like identity, community, fairness, and social justice. We want you to be curious and have plenty of chances to reflect and share your thoughts with other students. Along the way, you’ll also learn important skills like how to do research, analyze information, communicate effectively, and manage projects – all things that will help you become a successful leader. It’s all about empowering you to make a difference and be a leader in your own unique way!

Community Research Fellows

The Community Research Fellowship is a program that helps students develop research skills while learning about important issues in their communities. We combine youth development, community engagement, and academic enrichment to create a unique learning experience. Students get to conduct their own research on topics they care about, guided by our experts. We help them connect with community leaders, oral histories, and subject-area experts for resources. In our program sessions, students have a chance to reflect on their own identities, question the world around them, and discuss how to make positive changes. Through this program, students gain critical research skills, learn more about themselves, and become leaders with strong ties to their communities. It’s all about empowering students to make a real difference!

BwC Special In-School Programming

The Legacy Network partners with Beginning with Children’s schools to offer special programs for our elementary and middle school students. These programs provide additional enrichment and support the schools’ commitment to the arts and community service.

Our programs focus on helping students learn more about the incredible achievements of scholars, activists, and community members who are people of color, while also getting to know our city better. Through fun activities like guest speaker presentations, field trips to places like the Barnard archives and The Lower Eastside Tenement Museum, and hands on workshops, students can explore their own backgrounds and identities, celebrate diversity, and make meaningful connections between what they learn in the classroom and the real world.

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