College Student Support

At Legacy Network, we’re proud of our 100% college acceptance rate for high school students. But our commitment doesn’t end there. We support you even after you’re accepted into college.

Financial Aid Assistance

Navigating college finances can be daunting. That’s why we assist students and families in comparing financial aid packages and negotiating with college financial aid offices. Our goal is to help you select a college that supports your interests and makes financial sense.

Pre-College Summer Workshops

We offer pre-college summer workshops to prepare you for the college experience. You’ll learn how to navigate college offices and access important campus resources.

Monthly Virtual Meetings

Once in college, we continue to provide support through monthly virtual meetings. Connect with peers back home and get expert advice on class schedules, course syllabi, college majors, official paperwork, campus job opportunities, and internships.

Career Skills Workshops

During college semester breaks, we organize workshops to build career skills. We’re committed to helping our students thrive in college and beyond.

College Advisory Program

The College Advisory Program supports students throughout their college career. Our pre-college summer workshop is designed to set you up for success at college from day one. Our college advisors meet with you in virtual sessions each month to help you stay on track. Our workshops help you with course planning and project management, and we discuss nuts-and-bolts issues such as completing official paperwork, paying bills, and accessing college accounts.

Stipends are awarded to students who fully participate in the College Advisory Program and complete a set of campus-based requirements (e.g., attend office hours, meet with a campus career advisor, utilize the campus tutoring center). Click the application button below to sign-up!

Winter Break Intensive

Ready to hit reset after your fall semester at college? Join us at our Winter Break Intensive! This three-day workshop gives you a chance to check in with our college advisors about academics and discuss day-to-day challenges with peers. We make space to address questions such as “when is it appropriate to ask a professor for an extension” and “how do I access my transcript?” to “how do I outline a research project?”

The Winter Break Intensive is also designed to help you build strategies and skills for career success. Our workshops help you get the most out of your school’s career center, build a résumé, and apply for internship opportunities. We know that real-world experience is also important! We invite engaging professionals who generously share their career insights, answer questions, and give you the opportunity to practice your networking skills.

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